Santa Clara County

Turner Construction Gives Tour for Delayed South Bay Hospital Building

Turner Construction led a tour Friday through the much-delayed hospital building project of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

The facility is years behind its original schedule, which is what led to the company being fired. The delay also sparked a public dispute, including the county releasing a video of a steam explosion amidst accusations of unsafe and sloppy working conditions.

Now, after Turner agreed to new personnel, new schedule, revised budget and to drop its lawsuits, the construction giant wants the public to see the project is back on track.

"It's hard to really dissect what happened in the past," Turner Construction CEO Peter Davoren said. "All I know is that this is a spirited, cooperative, collaborative group that we're dealing with from the county."

The new building figures prominently in Valley Medical Center's future. The now $480 million project will house the center's new elite brain injury and spinal rehabilitation unit, complete with state of the art pool therapy.

"We're going to change the mix of beds so that we have more ICU beds," Santa Clara County CEO Jeff Smith said. "More single occupancy rooms that our patients will be able to benefit from."

For now, the shortest amount of time appears the building being done by June of next year and open for patients by the fall.

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