Twitter Goes On Offensive Against Bullies Following Zelda Williams Debacle

After Robin Williams' daughter was bullied off of Twitter, social media is striking back.

It's a bad time for trolls.

Twitter is pledging to go on the offensive against Internet bullies, who managed to taunt Zelda Williams off of the Web this week, according to reports.

Zelda Williams, the daughter of comic genius Robin Williams, quit Twitter on Aug. 13 after "cruel users" harassed her following her father's suicide, according to US Weekly.

Williams, 25, suffered through images sent her way that included Photoshopped pictures of her father's body, the news source reported.

She quit soon thereafter, prompting a swift reply from Twitter executives.

Del Harvey, the social media platform's vice president of trust and safety, said that "a number of accounts" had been suspended, and that Twitter is overall re-examining its rules, the news source said.

Zelda, for her part, said that a special place is reserved for the trolls: her father is sending a flock of pigeons to "poop on [their]" cars, she wrote on her blog.

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