Twitter Tightens Its Grip on San Francisco Politics

Michela Alioto-Pier uses social networking to push state campaign

Mayor Gavin Newsom is no longer the only San Francisco politician using Twitter and Facebook to find a domain outside the City.
While the gubernatorial hopeful goes back to the drawing board with his online campaign strategy, San Francisco Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier officially began her candidacy for California Insurance Commissioner with the launching of a Facebook group and a Twitter feed.

"Today I am launching a campaign to become California’s next Insurance Commissioner," she tweeted.

Alioto-Pier has joined a growing list of San Francisco pols who have put their mouths where their tweets are. Newsom has long been singing the praises of Twitter and Facebook, including setting up a system for City residents to complain about things like potholes via Twitter.

But in the week her page has been active, Alioto-Pier has not drawn the Internet buzz that Newsom, or even potholes, have on social networking sites.

So far the District 2 supervisor has only convinced 28 people to follow her and her tweets (half of them are simply a pasted URL) leave a lot to be desired. Maybe she could hire political strategist Eric Jaye. We hear he is looking for a job.

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