Two East Bay Families Stick Together During Coronavirus Shelter

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Two San Francisco Bay Area families are keeping their sanity during this shelter-at-home by sheltering together.

The East Bay families say it’s about more than having some extra people to hang out with. It’s about finding away to get things done.

Four parents, four kids, three dogs and a fish have been quarantining together in Alameda, California. For years, the Brights and the Alameidas celebrated holidays and took trips together. So, when it was time to stay home, they decided the most efficient way would be to live on the same property.

Together, the two families work together to care for the kids, work from home, get in workouts and walks and prepare meals. And still, they manage to keep smiling.

Sara Varni and Jen Alameida say they're both in all day meetings and on video, so it’s helpful to have the extra people around and the older kids to help with the younger kids, and "it’s been a great system."

The pair added that they obviously want to stay friends for the duration, and so far, they can’t complain. The families get along fine, and they're finding it’s great way to get through the coronavirus crisis and "to stay sane."

The families are not violating any shelter orders because they moved in together from the start. They say they’ll keep up their quarantine cohabitation as long as it works for them and as long as school and day care facilities are closed.

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