UC Santa Cruz Fighting Ebola With Technology

Browser searches for a cure

University of California, Santa Cruz is mixing science and technology, trying to find a vaccine for the dreaded Ebola virus.

Researchers at the school are taking a page from the SETI handbook, developing an open source web browser to collect information about the Ebola virus, and how it's spreading. It's a way to bring in new information and share it quickly with other scientists.

The recent Ebola outbreak is being called the largest in history. More than 3,000 people have died from the disease. The goal now is to contain it, then end it. UC Santa Cruz's Jim Kent is head of a team trying to bring in other scientists via the web, trying to figure out the best way to target the disease.

I remember setting my browser to help SETI find ET. This is far more serious, with scientists getting involved to help.

We'll track their progress for you.

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