Uh Oh, White iPhone 4 Is a Little Thick

The white iPhone 4 is finally out and guess what? Just like the black one, it sold out (at least in China and Hong Kong). This is a smartphone that's 10-months-old we're talking about. One last thing: it's also a hair thicker thicker — your old iPhone 4 case might be screwed.

One sharp MacRumors reader Ryan Cash first noticed the slightly thicker white iPhone didn't fit in his Incase slider case. For those who use silcone slip-ons, plastic snap on cases or just don't use an iPhone 4 case, the Incase slider case is a skin-tight case that barely squeezes over the iPhone's slim profile. AppleInsider reports the white iPhone 4 is 0.2mm thicker. Even an ever so slightly thicker iPhone 4 body would not fit in it.

Eff that. First, Apple makes its customers wait 10 months for a white iPhone because it needed a special UV coating and second, it's now fatter than the black one and might not fit in your old case? Forget it. It's like old iPhone 4 cases not fitting into the Verizon iPhone all over again (the mute switch was shifted a little lower). Save your money folks, wait for the iPhone 5. It'll be better, faster, shinier and newer. It'll hopefully come in black and white on day one, without the drama.

MacRumors, via CultofMac

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