Declara Using Algorithms to Change Learning

After a serious car accident, Ramona Pierson had to relearn how to talk, to walk and later to see, and afterwards realized she could help others learn, too.

Pierson founded Declara, a company that offers solutions for help learning for educators and corporations, all based on Pierson's mathematical algorithms. "Learning how to learn is making that learning transparent to the learner," she told Press:Here. "Mathematics is a natural language for people and we forget that."

After losing her sight, Pierson began having to do create cognitive maps in her head of patterns and statistical numbers, something she had to learn how to do. She also had to learn how to talk again, walk and take care of herself, something the older folks at a rest home helped her to do. "I relearned the world being tactile and auditory," she said.

Pierson's new company isn't based in the United States, something she said was a conscious choice. "What's happening in Latin America and Australia is that they have opened up the concept of learning," she said. "(In the United States) we create a way of how learning should be and shove kids forwards into preconceived notions of learning."

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