Vandals Remove and Stack Bricks From Livermore War Memorial

Vandals in Livermore removed more than a dozen bricks from a war veterans memorial and stacked them neatly on the ground next to memorial wall, police said Thursday.

It's a mystery to authorities and upsetting to some local veterans that someone would take the time to deface a place honoring those who fought for their country.

Veteran Robert Rochin's brick survived, but he didn't feel lucky.

"I was devastated when I found out about it," said Rochin, a Vietnam War veteran. "There's no reason for someone to do something like that."

The Livermore War Memorial bricks are simply engraved with each veteran's name, rank and branch of service. Families of the veterans paid about $40 to honor their loved ones with a brick.

One of the bricks honored Retired Army Sgt. Michael Foreman. He was stunned.

"Yeah, that's not cool, Foreman said. "It's not a good thing and really disrespectful to those in our military service."

Police said nothing was stolen from the memorial.

Memorial officials said the bricks will be reinstalled.

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