Video from Monterey Whale Watchers Shows Killer Whales in Action

There’s a reason they’re called “killer whales.”

A video posted to YouTube shows a group of at least seven killer whales chasing and attacking two gray whales – a mother and her calf. Onlookers said that the mother put up a brave fight, but unfortunately she was unable to save her baby.

The hunt lasted hours and covered several miles, just off the shore in Monterey. According to Monterey Bay Whale Watch, who shot the video, footage showing killer whales in predatory action so close to people is rare.

In the last month, however, the giant whales have been flocking to hunt on  ammals in the Monterey Bay. It’s likely they were tracing the migration patterns of gray whale calves and mothers from Baja, Mexico.

 Those who recorded the video say that the mother gray whale, who survived the attack, circled the area and charged the whales after baby perished. 

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