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1 Dead, 1 Injured in Officer-Involved Shooting in San Jose

San Jose police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that left one person dead and another injured, according to police.

Shots were fired around 2:30 a.m. on Christmas, police said. Witness Dyanne Ramirez and her boyfriend were at the scene and shot video showing heavy police presence and sounds of shots fired.

Ramirez says a car crashed into a fence at a school or playground on Fruitdale and Leigh avenues, then the vehicle hit a police squad car.

"At first in the video, I was laughing because I thought it was funny," Ramirez said. She said she thought the driver was trapped between two police cars and wasn't going anywhere. 

"They just shot him. They didn't shoot the tires. They didn't shoot the engine. They just shot the person. I heard it and I saw it and it was just really disturbing," Ramirez told NBC Bay Area.

The incident started about 2:10 a.m. when officers responded to a report of shots fired in the area of Story Road and Clemence Avenue in East San Jose, police said. Arriving officers spotted a vehicle matching the description of the suspect vehicle from the shooting leaving the area.

Officers also located two adults victims each suffering from at least one gunshot wound, police said.

Officers tried to pull over the suspect vehicle, which had been previously reported stolen, police said. The suspect did not yield to officers, and a pursuit ensued on surface streets and the freeway, ending at the Leigh Avenue scene.

On Ramirez's video, you can hear what sounds like officers yelling out commands. She says the suspect backed up into a police car. Then the officers opened fire, she said.

Four officers fired when the suspect vehicle rammed a patrol car, police said.

The person who was killed was identified only as an adult female. The second person suffered injuries not considered life-threatening.

No officers were injured, police said.

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