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Vietnam War Veterans Reunite in San Jose After 50 Years

Three Vietnam veterans reunited with their platoon sergeant in San Jose after more than 50 years.

"When I saw him this time we run up and hug him," said veteran Leaonardo Letoto.

Mike Moschkin, Leonard Letoto, and Bill Lupton were in the same platoon together in Vietnam. They've been in contact for years but were unable to find their sergeant, San Jose resident Jesus Rodriguez, until Moschkin had a dream.

"I dreamt I talked to Sargent Rod," he said.

The very next day, Moschkin got online.

"I looked it up and sure as sh**, there's his name and address and phone number," he said.

Months later, they celebrated the fact that they survived their most dangerous battle.

"July 19 was our 180th day in Vietnam and we almost died, I mean all of us," said Lupton. "It was the worst day."

Thirty-two U.S. soldiers were killed that day and 24 were wounded. The men's unit received a presidential citation award for their actions.

"I got shot in the legs, these people came over to help me," said Rodriguez. "They threw me in the helicopter."

Two of the men traveled from Hawaii and another from Thailand. They plan to get together again, very soon.

"I got a love for this man that nobody understands,” said Moschkin. “He took me into the bowels of hell and he brought me back out from the bowels of hell."

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