San Jose

Violent Weekend Prompts SJPD to Seek Help From Other Agencies

A violent weekend that included two homicides has prompted San Jose police to ask for help from other agencies.

Last weekend, police responded to a pair of homicides, two attempted homicides, an attempted rape and a police chase.

"We had a huge problem this weekend," Sgt. Enrique Garcia said.

None of the weekend's crimes occurred in the city's five designated crime zones, where the SWAT team and special operations unit have been cruising in patrol cars.

In response, police said they will ask other agencies for help this coming weekend. Garcia added the department plans to ask probation and parole officers to work with them "to take control of the streets."

Meanwhile, about 200 teenagers in San Jose's gang hot zones are going through summer jobs program aimed at keeping youth off the streets.

Ramon Zamora is one of the teens working in the summer program with the San Jose Parks and Recreation Department.

Zamora said he would be "probably getting involved with gangs" and "getting locked up" if it wasn't for his summer job.

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