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Voters Approve Two of Three Measures in Sonoma County

Voters in Sonoma County approved two of three measures in Tuesday's election, according to unofficial final results.

Voting was by mail only because of the wildfires last month.

Cotati voters approved Measure G, a tax on marijuana businesses. It required majority approval and received nearly 79 percent of the vote.

Cultivation businesses will be taxed up to $25 per square foot of cultivation area adjusted annually by the Consumer Price Index or eight percent of gross receipts, and up to eight percent for gross receipts on cannabis manufacturing, distribution and dispensary businesses.

It's estimated the tax will provide $300,000 a year to Cotati's general fund budget to provide city services. The tax does not apply to the use or the cultivation of cannabis for personal use as authorized by state law.

Windsor voters approved Measure H, which extends the town's urban growth boundary to Dec. 31, 2040, and includes three parcels totaling an additional 22.5 additional acres for light-industrial use in the Shiloh Road area.

The Santa Rosa Junior College Public Safety Training campus and two other businesses are included in the additional 22.5 acres.

Measure F, a $65 annual parcel tax for eight years in the Wilmar Union School District in Petaluma, was losing by a 64.3 to 35.7 percent margin. It requires two-thirds approval.

The tax would raise $70,890 annually for music, arts, counseling services and technology at the K-6 Wilson Elementary School at 3775 Bodega Ave.

A previous parcel tax expired, and Measure F was to begin on July 1, 2018.

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