If you want to strap on a pair of tights in order to revel in your masculinity, your options will be limited this summer now that the organizers of the Renaissance Faire have abruptly cancelled the event.

According to conference organizers, demands from the lords and ladies of San Francisco's Recreation and Parks Department were as arbitrary as hereditary succession.

For instance, after years of setting the scene from trucks, driving to the site to unload was banned. And the date was changed mere weeks before the new weekend recommend by Rec and Parks.

"That's no way in hell enough time. I already had people coming up from Los Angeles," Renaissance Productions cofounder Marti Miernik told the San Francisco Weekly.

If you want to get your grog on, you'll have to wait until September and you'll have to drive to Fremont -- where organizers say local officials have been more than helpful.

Photo by Marcin Wichary.

Jackson West points out there used to be lots of events for men in tights around San Francisco, but alas, it's not being called a war on fun for nothing.

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