Wardens Clean Up Illegal Marijuana Grows in Santa Clara County

State Department of Fish and Game wardens on Wednesday fanned out on an annual trek to clean up California's most contaminated illegal marijuana cultivation sites.

In the Bay Area, that location was a Santa Clara County spot near the San Antonio Valley Ecological Reserve north of Henry Coe State Park. That location was chosen, authorities said, because a private homeowner tipped off authorities to the grow near his property.

Crews used helicopters to help remove the pot plants from the site.

Operation PRISTINE, which stands for Protecting Resources Involving Specialized Teams in Narcotic Enforcement, is also aided by: the California National Guard, the High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew, the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office Marijuana Eradication Team.

Each year, this crew goes out to find the leftover tents, garbage and illegal marijuana grow equipment left behind by suspects who grow pot farms in the remote areas of the state.

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