WATCH: Ralph, California's Most famous Ostrich, Cantles for the First Time This Year

Last week we caught Ralph, California’s celebrity ostrich, cantiling, or performing a classic ostrich mating dance for his partner, Peggy at the Indian Point Ostrich Ranch in Tehachapi, California.

“It’s marking its territory and its telling the hen it’s ready to breed her,” said Joel Burst, who has owned the ranch since 1992. “I’m very sure that’s the first cantle Ralph has done this year.”

Ostrich Point’s Facebook page has photos from Ralph and Peggy’s first date. Ralph has been on scores of TV shows, commercials and even music videos — in fact Burst calls her "the most videotaped and photographed ostrich in the world."

The ranch is starting its 24th season and the public is welcome to visit Ralph and Peggy and even feed them.

Fun fact: Ostriches live to be 75 years old. They run 40 miles per hour and their eggs incubate for 42 days and weigh three pounds.


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