Weather-Beaten Roads Across Bay Area Dotted with Potholes

A deluge of wet weather this winter has been a welcome sight to a drought-stricken California, but powerful storms have wreaked havoc on Bay Area roads.

Among other hazards including mudslides and sinkholes, roads across the region have been littered with potholes.

In the Santa Cruz Mountains, a homeowners group on Summit Road has been filling in potholes on their own.

Caltrans crews on Tuesday also filled in dirt around the structural damage on Soquel-San Jose Road. The depression in the road reminded at least one resident of an ongoing problem.

"It looks like an oversized pothole to some degree," Soquel resident Matt Widman said. "It's like some surrealistic art form or something like that."

San Jose filled in more than 4,200 potholes last year. Oakland last year filled in more than 3,500 potholes.

Meanwhile, the storm has boosted business at Good Year in Los Gatos with pothole victims.

"Usually the water makes these holes that nobody can see," Good Year Service Manager Oscar Sarmiento said.

More wet weather is expected to hit the Bay Area later this week.

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