What a Croc!

No teeth to gator sighting in South Bay

A lost gator in Los Gatos? That’s how the call came in Tuesday morning to CHP.

A driver called 911 to report an alligator on the left hand shoulder of the Northbound 85 on ramp off northbound Highway 17. Other news outlets relayed the traffic hazard info from CHP, even called it a "loose animal" in the roadway.

Yes, at 50 miles an hour, it looked very much like a dead gator on its back. Our photographer Rob Hughes even risked life and limb along the busy roadway to investigate.

Then he got the surprise of the day. No -- the gator didn't walk over and chomp his leg. (Although that might have made a more interesting story.) Instead, he discovered the gator was a stuffed toy.

We are happy to report that this TV station is now the proud owner of a slightly used, very realistic-looking stuffed animal.  

We are open to getting the toy back to its original owner.  So serious in fact, we posted the following Public Service Announcement.

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