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With the NBA Playoffs in full swing, most of us are watching basketball around the clock. But unless you're Spike Lee or Jack Nicholson, floor seats are rarely an option.

Thankfully, catching a game can be just as exciting from the comfort of your own home, where plush perches allow you to kick back in style while the action unfolds in Hi Def on the big screen.

But where's the best place in your home to watch the big game? With computers, tablets and even mobile phones allowing us to stream the games from virtually anywhere, we're no longer limited to just the living room. That's why Russell's Furniture has put together the five best places in the home to catch the big game, ensuring you'll stay comfortable from tip off to double overtime.

The Man Cave
Previously known as "the den," man caves have taken male leisure time to absurdly sophisticated levels; outfit it with a fireplace, fully-stocked bar, pool table or taxidermy -- it's all fair game in your own little world. But nothing completes one of these refuges better than a recliner. Watch all the action with your feet up as you sink into the soft upholstery. Opt for the Double Recliner Loveseat and enjoy watching the game with your wife, not to mention some snacks and a cold beverage, all of which tucks into the console hidden between both seats.

The Bedroom
Sure, the living room is where we do the bulk of our sports consumption, but nothing tops watching the big game while fully luxuriating in our own bed. It's like being in a hotel. Whether you've got the laptop or tablet fired up, or are basking in the glorious glow of your wall-mounted flatscreen, Russell's Furniture has got your bedroom viewing needs covered with everything from king poster beds to entire master bedroom sets. Haven't convinced your spouse to allow a TV in the bedroom yet? Then have them feast their eyes on one of Russell Furniture's many handsome Entertainment Centers.

The Dining Room
Basketball and food pair together perfectly, but we understand indulging in your favorite sandwiches while sitting on the living room coach can get…messy. Instead, grab the laptop or tablet and head to the dining room, where you can post up at the table for a meal without missing a second on the shot clock. Feel the need to holler for the beer guy? Keep it classy and top of your beverage (hey, even fans can get dehydrated) at your own personal bar.

The Living Room
The old standby remains your go-to environment for game day. The living room is always the place to gather with family and friends, and the biggest room in the house devoted toward socializing and entertainment. In other words, a no brainer for NBA consumption. And with everything from elegant chaises to handsome sectionals to luxurious reclining sofas with drop down tables, Russell's Furniture can help you maximize comfort

The Home Office
Sometimes work stands in the way of basketball fandom. Good thing you're a skilled multitasker, meaning even if those sales projections are due tomorrow you can easily stream the big game while simultaneously doing business in your home office. And Russell's Furniture has you covered with spacious desks, comfy chairs (leave the swivel chair at the real office) and cabinets (you know, just in case you want to sneak in a flatscreen for, uh, Bloomberg Television).


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