White House Warns SF Paper

When a San Francisco Chronicle reporter put down her pen and picked up a video camera, the White House says she broke the rules. The newspaper says the Obama administration needs to join the 21st century.

The dust-up stems from a surprise protest last week during President Barack Obama's speech at a private fundraising breakfast.

A group of protesters interrupted the president's speech to sing a song in honor of Pvt. Bradley Manning, who is being detained on charges that he leaked sensitive information to Wikileaks.

Reporter Carla Marinucci had White House permission to cover the event if she shared her notes with other reporters.

Marinucci also posted video of the protest online. Officials say that violated the terms of her access.
Chronicle Editor Ward Bushee said Friday the White House threatened to bar Marinucci from future presidential appearances.

The White House denies the threat.

The conflict highlights the perils of trying to enforce traditional rules in the modern media environment.

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