Wine Country Wildfires

[BAY-sp-fires]One Year Later:Wine Country Wildfires Deadly wildfires in Napa and Sonoma counties sent residents fleeing for their lives and reduced dozens of homes to smoldering ash. When the smoke cleared, 44 people had died and some 8,900 structures were destroyed.

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In this one-hour news special, we share the emotional and powerful stories of people who lost everything, but are finding ways to rebuild their lives and their communities following the devastating wine country wildfires a year ago.

'We Will Rise From the Ashes'

Coffey Park Rebuilds One Year After Deadly Wine Country Wildfires

View From Above

Watch drone footage of the chilling destruction.

Riya Bhattacharjee/NBC Bay Area

360° of Devastation

Take a first-person look at the heartbreaking destruction.

Riya Bhattacharjee

'Like a Nuclear Explosion'

Exiting U.S. Highway 101 North to get to Coffey Park, the signs of devastation were already obvious.

Getty Images

'Grateful That God Kept Us Alive'

The fires left an immigrant family in Coffey Park with almost nothing.

Riya Bhattacharjee/NBC Bay Area

Lost in the Ashes

See photos of what remained.

What Would You Grab?

The fires moved so quickly that some people had only a few seconds to grab personal items. Not all chose wisely.

'A Fire Story'

Santa Rosa cartoonist Brian Fies dealt with death and destruction the same way most artists do — by expressing his emotions via pen and paper.

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