San Francisco

Woman Scores $10M Lottery Jackpot on Scratchers Ticket Bought at SF Gas Station

Arco station owner will receive a $50,000 bonus, lottery officials say


A woman in San Francisco recently claimed a $10 million jackpot on a Scratchers ticket she bought at an Arco gas station in the city, according to the California Lottery.

Arminda Villafuerte scored the huge win on an Ultimate Millions Scratchers purchased at the Quality Gas for Your Cash Arco station at 5898 Mission St. in San Francisco, lottery officials said.

The lucky retailer will receive a bonus of $50,000, the lottery said.

Jackpots were mounting in two of the multi-state Lotto draws taking place over the next two days. The Mega Millions pot was up to an estimated $330 million for Tuesday's draw. The Powerball jackpot had reached an estimated $321 million as of Tuesday with the next draw coming Wednesday.

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