Sausalito Mudslide Survivor at a Loss in Recovery

The 75-year-old woman who miraculously survived a mudslide in Sausalito last week is trying to figure out how to get back on her feet after the devastating slide left her life in shambles.

Susan Gordon, who made an appearance during a special meeting of the Sausalito City Council Monday morning, said she's "confused" as she struggles to put her life back together days after she was pulled from the debris of her home.

"I'm having to find a place to live," Gordon said. "I've got to go buy a new car. I've got to get an iPhone. I've got to get a computer."

Zach Garza, whose home was hit by Gordon's home during the mudslide, also said the recovery process has been painful.

"During the day, we're living in our car trying to find places to live," he said. "It's been a little tough just because, you know, it's been President's Day weekend, so trying to book appointments and find places isn't easy."

During Monday's special city council meeting, city leaders unanimously approved the ratification of a local state of emergency to help with funds to cover the costs of mudslide damages.

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