Animal Awwws: America's Family Pet Expo

If you adore living with fuzzy, shell-rocking, feathery cuties, trot in the direction of Costa Mesa.

FIRST THINGS FURST, we mean "first," of course (though fur and feathers and scales and paws and whiskers are at the forefront of our mind): When attending the mondo America's Family Pet Expo, which spreads out at the OC Fair & Event Center each spring, you'll want to be on your own. Or, to clarify, your little bundle of lickable, scratchy-of-ear joy should stay home, or with grandma, or her favorite sitter, for although "pet" is in the very name of this oh-so-big, three-day animal convention, it isn't a thing that animals can attend. Now, that's been cleared up, here's what will happen should you make your way to Costa Mesa for the long weekend of wonderful beastly doings: You'll get alllll sorts of information, and ideas, and notions, about how to better care for and love upon and exercise with and tend to your #1 bestie. And it matters not if that bestie is a Pomeranian, or a tortoise, or a goldfish: All sorts of critters are covered at...

"THE WORLD'S LARGEST PET & PRODUCTS EXPO": Yep, that's some billing, but when you glance down the list of to-dos and have-to-sees at the April 28-30 convention, you do wonder how you'll fold it all into a day or two. The exhibitor list? Huge, and that's not just the excitement talking. You'll scroll, scroll, scroll. Donegal Donkey Sanctuary, Handfed with Love, and Nature's Pet Cuisine will be in the house, as will hundreds of other organizations and businesses. As for watch-this things, look for JUMP! The Ultimate Dog Show, a Tortoise Petting Zoo, Backyard Chicken Fun!, and several other demonstrations and get-close opportunities. It's an animal love-in, a celebration of those wing-rocking, shell-splendid, paw-cute cuties we live with, and if you're really reallllly into your critters, this could be a fine spot to bone-up on what's new, what's cool, and what's adorable. Info? Bark bark (which is, of course, "click here" in dog speak).

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