Bigfoot Daze Stomp into Willow Creek

You may even catch a sighting of the hairy fellow, or at least someone who is wearing his Bigfoot best.

HOW DO YOU THROW A BASH... when the guest of honor goes by the name of Mr. B. Foot? That's a wicket that's both tricky and sticky, for we're talking about a being that isn't all that into the limelight or having a fuss made, or so legend goes. Still, though, it seems as if the towering forest dweller will make exceptions for some of his favorite places now and then. And one of those fir-fabulous hamlets? It's Willow Creek, in Bigfoot-rich Humboldt County. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to not come across Bigfoot symbols and merchandise during any Humboldt County drive, but pretty Willow Creek just might be the Bigfootiest burg of all, in reputation and charm (even if the legend himself doesn't make appearances on the regular). But Bigfoot will be in the house, or rather the village, on the final day of August 2019 for the...

BIGFOOT DAZE PARADE & FESTIVAL, a daylong lark that includes an ice cream social, logging showdowns, and, yes, a cameo or two from the main star. (Or, you know, someone sent in his stead, as Bigfoot can be quite busy, out in the woods.) The 2019 party has a theme — "Bigfoot Goes Hollywood" — which means that you yourself are invited to dress as a film character, if you're feeling the cinematic spirit. Bigfoot has stomped onto the silver screen on numerous occasions, making the Tinseltown-meets-trees to-do feel quite right. There's no admission needed to join to the festival, and while there are plenty of pursuits to engage with, the parade is a must-see for many visitors. It's a light-hearted affair, but one that takes its local fame to heart, and everything that Bigfoot has come to represent for Humboldt County and beyond.

STOMP, STOMP, AND STOP... right here, for more on this charming and oh-so-woodsy wonder of a late-summer celebration.

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