Bigfoot Days in Willow Creek

The town hosts a community-cool parade and more to-dos on the Saturday before Labor Day.

STOP AT A ROAD-CLOSE SHOP... during a redwoods-pretty getaway and you're bound to find a host of products bearing one famous visage and one famous visage alone: Bigfoot. Bigfoot tees and Bigfoot magnets and Bigfoot mugs are staples of many Northern California towns, and with fine (and furry reason): The legendary forest dweller is regionally famous and beloved by many. So beloved that the devotion goes beyond Bigfoot-laden products, and even the carved statues found here and there, and straight to a summery celebration in Bigfoot's honor.

AND WHILE MANY SIGHTINGS... have been reported from Plumas County up into Oregon and Washington, it is Willow Creek that is one of the important centers for many a follower and fan (perhaps you've spied the towering Bigfoot statue in social media photos, the one everyone passing through has to take a snap with). To honor its not-oft-seen but still-a-superstar denizen, the town hosts a party at the end of each summer, one called...

BIGFOOT DAYS: For sure you will have some sightings at the Saturday, Sept. 3 parade, though we suspect they may be Bigfoot devotees dressed up in amazing Bigfoot-like suits (we can't be sure, but we're happy to see them riding/walking in the parade). A Bigfoot Calling Contest is also part of the merriment, and live tunes, and a watermelon eating contest, and ice cream, and all of the sweet details you'd want from a town-big bash. But will the legend of the hour make an appearance? There are surely still tales to tell, and Willow Creek is the whimsical, woodsy, and wonderful place to tell them.

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