Bike Nevada County: 52 Days of Cycle-Sweet Haps

Ready to roam the hilly burg by two wheels?

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BEYOND THE SINGLE AFTERNOON: Biking confabs are often anticipated by cyclists, as a fresh ride or a new trail or a food-added-to-the-fun element puts a new spin on a favorite outing. (Yep, we said "new spin" and we're leaving it right where it is, no apologies.) But finding ongoing get-out-and-pedal happenings that go beyond a single afternoon can be a bit of a challenge. That is, if you're looking for a bunch of bike-related plans to all unfurl in the same general area. But Nevada County has cyclists covered there, and beyond the single afternoon ride, too. On May 1 Bike Nevada County lifts the kickstand and heads into 52 days of different maps and meet-ups and to-dos that all have to do with you being up on the seat with flying feet. It is, in fact, "a grand celebration of pro, amateur, and recreational road cycling and mountain biking in Northern California" with "(o)ver 3,000 competitors" at every level expected to take part in the outings.

THOSE OUTINGS INCLUDE... the Nevada City Dirt Classic Series, Stage 2 of the Amgen Tour of California, The Union's Community Bike Ride, the Folsum Historic Criterium, and the 55th Nevada City Classic, which rolls on the first day of summer. Other rides wend through the May and June calendar, with opportunities to take in the tree-beautiful, slope-y hillside scene on your own (the Donner Lake Loop and Old Highway 40 to Cisco Grove are two beautiful roles among many). Need a map? Find that map here. And do you, if you're interested, need to sign on for more than one of the bike events during the 52-run? Not at all, but if Nevada County is on your list of must-pedal places, May or June will be fine times to try it out and meet other riders out enjoying Bike Nevada County.

WHAT ELSE WILL LATE SPRING BRING... beyond bicycles and blossoms to the county? Find your wildflower action and more over here, outdoorsians.

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