Earth Day with Your Pup (and Wine)

Take a ramble with Rover in Hopland.

CAN I GO? We live in a world where our wagger is welcome most anywhere. If we want to get a cup of coffee down the street, there's likely a little table out front, or a bench in the garden, where our Pomeranian or Pug can join us. Should we want to fly, we can, and our canine can make the journey, too. And "dog days" at several Major League Baseball stadiums are now some of the most popular events on the stadium calendar, which makes sense, given that just about everybody loves to dress their Lassie up in the team's togs. But where we don't see dogs as much are wineries, save, of course, the dogs who call the winery home already. Getting the rare chance to stroll about the grounds with our four-footed, tail-rocking bestie is the rarest of chances, then, but one that comes around each Earth Day -- or close to Earth Day -- in Hopland. That's when Saracina Vineyards welcomes guests of the human and not-human variety, all for a day of vino enjoyment, sunshine pleasures, and fresh-air fun. It's Saracina's Earth Week Dog Hike, and it romps back into the hilly-lovely spread on Saturday, April 23.

TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE... for the picnic and stroll, which will ramble around the 600-acre Saracina Ranch (though not over every acre, of course, but count on some very picturesque countryside during the four-miler). A wine country picnic lunch, complete with a wine tasting, will happen adjacent to the property's wine caves. And will there be H2O for the hounds, and tasty tidbits, too? Please; most pooch-minded people want to make sure their furry ones are feeling full, and hydrated, and happy, before they get to their own meals and needs. Orphan Dog, a regional dog rescue, is the day's beneficiary, so part of your ticket will go to helping other sweetums in need.

COST? It's thirty five dollars. Definitely get this one in advance, if you plan on heading up with your pup.

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