Fall Visits Summer at the Gravenstein Apple Fair

It's an August-sweet tradition 'round Sonoma County, with shades of autumn deliciousness.

IT WON'T BE LONG... before we start seeing plastic pumpkins and animatronic witches and rattly skeletons on the shelves of the local home goods store. Oh, but wait: All of those items are already popping up, even before summer has officially made its official entrance. And while Halloween-y sights are pretty cheerful, even when early, there are those fall fans that are also seeking out other signs of the season, the signs that aren't quite as ghosty or ghoulie. We're talking about the quintessential September sights, specifically apples, a fruit that is as synonymous with the ninth month as pumpkins are with the tenth. If you're an apple aficionado, and you adore autumn, and you can't wait for September to start, you can get a jump-start on its pectin-perfect pleasures in August, at the annual...

GRAVENSTEIN APPLE FAIR: For sure, apple-picking opportunities will abound around California once Labor Day Weekend arrives, but you can get an early start on your apple affections at this Sebastopol celebration. It's a two-day delight, and it shall flower with food and fun times on Saturday, Aug. 17 and Sunday, Aug. 18 at Ragle Ranch Park. Past years have seen bobbing for apples (so amazing to watch, so challenging to champion), caramel-apple eating showdowns, the consuming of apple pies (also competitive), and more. Music, microbrews, cider, fill-the-tum vittles? Hooray, you'll find those, too. An advance adult ticket? Those be ready for the buying as of...

June 15, hurrah, at a few spots around the region. They're $12 if you purchase early, but if you buy at the Gravenstein Apple Fair, that's okay, too. The price there is $15. For more on the activities, eats, other tickets, and tart to-dos at this charmer of a fall's-a-comin' jamboree, click.

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