Fly Like a Butterfly for Spanish Garden Inn

Wing by the pretty property for the Painted Mariposa package and Butterfly Release Day.

A BUTTERFLY MAP? Those are available at places such as public gardens, and preserves, and the other sorts of spots where wing-rocking insects are known to congregate. But a map of the types of locations that boast a butterfly's beauty, its breeziness, its nature-nice character, and a particular joie de vivre? Such a map would be a marvel, though fans of lovely living may flock to the map's main hubs in overly enthusiastic droves. But you don't need to ponder too long whether Santa Barbara would make such a "butterfly-inspired" map, for here's the answer: yes. So much yes, for the American Riviera has the beauty, the nature love, the breeziness, and a fabulous flit-a-tude that makes it seem as though it draws its very inspiration from butterflydom. That Santa Barbara's stately...

SPANISH GARDEN INN... would embrace this idea makes sense, since it's the sort of destination that would seem to be an ideal stop-spot for an on-the-wing wind rider. And on-the-wing wind riders are getting their springtime due at the inn, thanks to both The Painted Mariposa package and a special Butterfly Release on Saturday, May 18. As for the package? It kicks off, or, rather, flutters off at $285 a night, and includes a hand-painted Butterfly Courtyard artwork (yep, it is a limited edition), a plantable flower that butterflies adore (yep, it's sweet alyssum flower, and, for sure, you can take it home), a bottle of vino (indeed, the True Myth wine is themed to butterflies, label-wise), and Chocolats du Cali Bressan candies (oh sweet, they're shaped like butterflies).

THAT BUTTERFLY RELEASE... is an afternoon-meets-evening affair, at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 18. Shall there be a wine toast, too, to send off the Painted Ladies? Of course: A pre-Golden Hour wine toast, in Santa Barbara, seems the perfect farewell to these air-awesome flutterers. Will there be acoustic music, played right there, to add some spice to the night? You bet. It's all happening at the inn, which is in downtown Santa Barbara, which happens to be, in spirit, one of the most butterfly-iest bastions in all of California, thanks to its gorgeousness, its breeziness, and all of the flowers that bloom around the city come May.

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