Get Your Cross-Country On

North Lake Tahoe/Jeff Dow

SKI CENTRAL: Tahoe is one of those places that has become truly synonymous with the downhill, fast-fast, swoosh-swoosh getaway. Photos of people flying off a frosty hill, poles in the air? Oh yeah. Tahoe kind of owns the patent on that one. But what some people don't realize is that cross-country skiing has also made a stand in the area (and has done so, of course, for many years). How much of a stand? "Tahoe has the largest concentration of cross-country skiing in North America," says the North Lake Tahoe visitors bureau, and a quick spin through the area resorts lends oomph to this claim. It isn't all hot-dogging all the time, in other words, and if your friend wants to fly down a mountain at impressive speeds, and you want to glide and gaze at some spectacular scenery, you both can do so.

ON THE LIST: Royal Gorge, Spooner, and Resort at Squaw Creek are mentioned, but of course there are several other places. Just nose around and see if a location fits your style, whether it be Alpine touring or track skiing. Tahoe is also home to the cross-country-riffic Great Ski Race, which is coming up on March 4. 

SQUAW VALLEY LATEST: Yeah, snow's a-fallin', or a-accumulatin', as it tends to do right about now.

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