Good Stuff: Comfort Food Week in Concord

Eateries throughout the area will put their own cockles-warming spin on the tried-and-true Restaurant Week concept.


RESTAURANT EVENTS, when they involve multiple days and numerous eateries, tend to cover the gourmet gamut, from light salads to rich stews to decadent confections to entrees that are sauteéd, baked, roasted, heavily basted, or decked out in fancy lemon slices. Everything, in short, makes a showing at a major Restaurant Week, with all sorts of edibles playing a starring role. But a few places are walking a different route when it comes to this particular, and particularly popular dining extravaganza. For one? The gamut is being de-gamut'd, and the whole notion of putting everything out there, cuisine-wise, has been scuttled. Look to those places honing in on a single and stand-out concept, from the health-focused Santa Monica Restaurant Week (where the pomegranate will serve as the star foodstuff in 2018) to Pasadena's Cheeseburger Week to Gilroy Restaurant Week which rocks "A Taste of Garlic" theme (you might have guessed that). And in Concord, from Jan. 19 through Jan. 28, 2018? It's...

CONCORD COMFORT FOOD WEEK, a theme a lot of eat-outers can grok to come the chillier days of January, a time when many people are looking for more stick-to-the-ribs fare. "Each participating restaurant will provide a featured menu item reflecting comfort with our culinary diversity," states the event page. Over 20 venues will be posting these special dishes, with Fiore Restaurant, Skipolini's Pizza, Tower Grille, and several other spots elevating comfort-cool classics. Do vittles that soothe, sate, and satisfy simply belong in January, in your mind? Then this is your Restaurant Week. There are other themed Restaurant Weeks out there, of course, but for comfort-food-ists, Concord is the spot. By the by, this is the inaugural Comfort Food Week in the city, so it just might be a foodie must-do for years to come; be there at the beginning, if that's your thing.

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