Grass Valley's Classic Cornish Christmas

The celebration, which can trace its story back to 1967, will unfurl over four Fridays.

THE SATURDAYS OF THE SEASON? They are, as a merry rule, quite packed. From the later part of November, right up to Christmas, every Saturday is a study in cramming the proverbial stocking full of fun. There are carol concerts, and craft markets, and screenings of beloved films, and chances to visit Santa. From the time you rise, to the time you slip into your jammies, a late-in-the-year Saturday is ultra-packed. Finding something wonderful on a Friday, then, feels special, and if that something wonderful flowers, like a poinsettia, over four consecutive Fridays, beginning on the day after Thanksgiving? Even better. Such will be the colorful, carolful case in...

GRASS VALLEY, when Cornish Christmas returns on Nov. 29. If you've followed the Noël-nice doings of the Nevada County hamlet over the decades, you'll know that this eveningtime street festival marked its first half century a couple of years back. That means that it has a traditional feel, and the tried-and-true holiday hallmarks that keep fair goers returning. The nexus of all of this Noël-y merriment? Head for Main and Mill from 6 to 9 p.m. on Nov. 29, Dec. 6, 13, or 20, then weave into the gathered revelers. A host of sights to see (and listen) for will abound, from carolers to jugglers to magicians, and "hearty food and drink" will be for sale, too. As far as the historic theme?

CORNISH CHRISTMAS... first began to honor the area's Cornish heritage, giving it a rare vibe among festivals. It is quite local in its charms, but some of its sweetness can be traced to a point that's quite faraway, indeed. But nothing feels too far from the heart at this annual holidaytime festival, which is really about people enjoying the chilly evenings, and the burg's many charms, on a November or December night.

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