Happy World Sea Turtle Day

Incorporate more flipper-fun goodness in your life with some Monterey Bay Aquarium wallpaper.

NO SPOILER ALERT REQUIRED: Sea turtles existed a few (hundred million) years before 2003's "Finding Nemo" was released, a fact that shouldn't require any asterisks or explanations. But Crush, the incredibly easygoing, smiles-for-miles sea turtle in the film, did much to spread turtle-tastic love wide, especially among younger viewers who may have never encountered such a wondrous creature before, either in person or, more likely, at an aquarium. It's timely that the sequel to the animated blockbuster is debuting on Friday, June 17, which just happens to be the day after June 16, which every turtle maven knows is World Sea Turtle Day. To celebrate this lovely occasion, Monterey Bay Aquarium is offering a download for turtle fans, and Crush buffs, and those who are simply sweet on these placid swimmers of the deep. It's wallpaper, and it features one...

VERY HANDSOME SEA TURTLE, the kind of critter that might have served as an early inspiration for Crush. By the by, Pixar, which has its HQ a couple of hours north of Monterey in Emeryville, visited the institution for research (research that went beyond sea turtles and to other aquatic animals, too, such as the Nemo-adorbs clownfish). It's all cool stuff for film fans, ocean aficionados, and people who simply dig how nifty sea turtles are, with their "flipper-shaped forelegs" and how they can "stay under water for up to two hours before coming to the surface."

SWEET, shell-rocking, rudder-leggy creatures, we salute you on your big day. While Crush may be a fictional fellow, we do believe that, if you could all speak to humans, you might be as easygoing and kind-of-heart. May we terrestrials do the honor of helping water-dwelling turtles everywhere, in addition to their land-living cousins, too.

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