Henry Miller Memorial Library Goes Carmel

The Big Sur gem hopes to set up shop to the north while Highway 1 is repaired.

BIG SUR DISTINCTIVE: When it comes to places that are especially Big Sur, in character, in vibe, in look, in everything, well... You can likely name at least a dozen. And that's a good thing, as we do live in a world where homogeneity, and sameness, can too often reign. We want those destinations we adore to be distinctively themselves, and few spots are as utterly distinctive, and delightful, as Big Sur, and the businesses and attractions that call it home. But Big Sur, as it now widely known, is still very much dealing with the winter of 2016-2107, and the wild havoc wreaked upon Highway 1. Yep,

PFEIFFER CANYON BRIDGE, at least in its former incarnation, no longer exists at this typing, and a new bridge is, well, down the road, literally and spiritually. So how can we help those businesses impacted by a dearth of traffic, as in almost no traffic, face the months to come? Big Sur buffs are surely planning their visits the moment their favorite businesses are again accessible. But here's something that can be done right now, if you're a maven of the Henry Miller Memorial Library, a Big Sur institution that's rife with charm, words, sounds, and nature: Donate at the library's GoFundMe page.

WHAT'S AFOOT FOR THE HENRY MILLER? It's going to open a satellite library in Carmel-by-the-Sea near the end of May 2017, as a way to both reach out to fans and staunch the loss of income it is facing. Henry Miller Library in the Barnyard "will bring Big Sur to town," says the page, and offer all of the elements fans love about the oh-so-funky, deeply centered place: books, conversation, art, ideas, and an approach to loving/living life that is quintessentially Big Sur. If you want to help this temporary move, and assist the library in "bridging the gap" while Highway 1 is mended, you can. 

THE LIBRARY'S CHEEKY BUMPER STICKER, which reflects the humorous but high-minded philosophy of the library, has long touted the Henry Miller as a place "Where Nothing Happens." But something is happening with the Henry Miller Memorial Library, right now, and it will help its future fitness, as well as those fans who miss visiting the Big Sur bastion of bookful bliss.

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