Join the ‘World's Largest Torchlight Parade,' in Tahoe

The spectacular, snow-fun sight will shimmer at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows on New Year's Eve.

THE WINTERTIME... is full of visual touchstones and uplifting sights and quintessential traditions, but few bring the shimmer, the chill, and the looking-ahead-a-tude as that New Year's Eve ski-tacular, the torchlight parade. Skiers schuss and riders zoom down a slope, after sundown, with a bright light in hand, making for a dazzling view from down below (spectating is surely almost as fun as the skiing part). It's a merry must that pops up at resorts in mountains near and far, including a peaky area quite close to Lake Tahoe: Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows. But something a bit special and even magical is afoot for the final evening of 2018, and it involves the possible breaking of a world's record. Ready for the...

WORLD'S LARGEST TORCHLIGHT PARADE? It could happen, and you can participate, but you'll want to sign up soon. The destination is "... calling skiers and riders of all ages to join together..." on this effort, an illuminated moment which will be lit by "colorful LED torches." The number of participants that Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows is hoping to see on the 3.2-mile Mountain Run on Monday, Dec. 31? Wait for it: 3,000. That sure seems mighty record-breaking, but first, all of those 3,000 skiers and riders must sign up. If you're tempted to join in, you can start here. And if you'd simply like to enjoy the splendor of the destination's Merry Days & Holly Nights, which overflows with oodles of effervescent activities throughout the holidays, that is cool, too. 

AND WE DO MEAN "COOL"... in all the ways. After all, few bright-light larks are as shivery, and as shimmery, as a torchlight parade, but imagine the glow, felt by all, if that world record is indeed bested. Might it happen? You can help lift it over the top, by becoming a torchlight parader, on the last day of the year.

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