Leap Year Stays: Hotel Deals

A hospitality company has a host of specials with "29" as the theme.

A LEAP YEAR... is a pretty quirky happening, an every-four-years to-do that sends those who are into calendars in a considerable way into a happy tizzy. There are so many factoids surrounding the 29th day of February, from famous birthdays (Dinah Shore and Jimmy Dorsey both were born on the day) to all of the lucky traditions you're supposed to participate in, the kind of observances that take on more weight for a few scant hours before March begins. If you're feeling especially quirky and lucky come the day, best be on the lookout for those businesses honoring the rare occasion. L.E. Hotels is making the mirthful most out of the day, which is no surprise, as "Leap Year" and "L.E. Hotels" both start with the very same letters. It's almost a mystical coincidence, in fact, and since Feb. 29 is one of our most mystical days, best check out the "29"-themed specials and perks the Los Angeles-based company is offering at its properties.

THOSE PERKS 'N QUIRKS... aren't the same across the board, so if you're hoping to bed down at Creekside Inn in Palo Alto or Hotel Los Gatos in Los Gatos or the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel in the thrumming heart of Beverly Hills, best take a peeksie to see just what a Leap Year stay will bring. (Yes, we said "peeksie," and we stand by it; this is the quirkiest of days, as has been determined.) The Empress Hotel in La Jolla's sweet deal is "(s)tay two nights and receive $29 off your first night" while The Bristol Hotel in San Diego is all about a savings of $20.16 on your first night with continental breakfast and wifi access as part of the deal. Leap Year, let it be said, is the important thing to keep in mind here, so if you already have your Feb. 29 plans booked solid, you can still do an L.E. Hotel getaway during 2016 and score one of those discounts (note some hotel deals are solely about Feb. 29 and some will last the year through).

WANT TO EYE... the whole list, which includes international properties? Leap, with enthusiasm, into your leap year travel plans now.

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