Make a Winter Storm Watch Getaway at The Inn at Newport Ranch

Enjoy 10% off and a Ranch Breakfast at the Fort Bragg destination.

WINTERING IN MENDOCINO COUNTY? You can count on some bundled-up, turtleneck'd-terrific, stroll-ready weather, the kind of weather that sends you down to the nearest bluff to admire waves crashing, or seabirds fluttering, and the not-so-busy vibe of the time. It isn't like people don't travel in the winter, of course — absolutely, they do — but seeking out destinations that have a bit of potential thrilling drama to them isn't always #1 on travelers' lists. (Yes, sunshine frequently takes that spot.) But a fine February day spent in Fort Bragg, in Mendocino County? It could very well include brilliant sunshine, and then colossal clouds over the ocean, then a wave of atmospheric fog, then a swirler of a storm, if you're lucky and do dig a good rainshower. A little bit of everything can happen on a winter's afternoon in the area, if you time your visit right, but even if the skies chill out, and the weather's perfect for walking, you've completely lucked out. And you'll luck out even further if you book a room for two nights at The Inn at Newport Ranch through March 31, 2018, for the...

WINTER STORM WATCH PACKAGE... is now available, saving those who stay at the ocean-close property, which encompasses a 2,000-square-acre private preserve. That's located just a bit north of Fort Bragg, and very adjacent to the Pacific, meaning that you may see some whale tails, er, flukes, in addition to any winter storms that pass through the area. The savings promised by the package? Think 20% off, plus a Ranch Breakfast, plus the Happy Hour, which arrives in the winddown-iest part of the day, the evening. Will the ocean be "tempest-tossed" and will the area deliver on its "expansive, rugged, and unspoiled" character? You can count on the latter and the chances are high, during the colder months, for the former. There are also add-ons, too, like an ATV tour of The Inn's beautiful property, and dinner, too, and a picnic boxed lunch (or a lunch in the Main Salon), so inquire about the price and details. Don't let winter blow on through without a chance to savor, for a couple of nights, a snow-free but fantastically winter-dramatic slice of the Golden State. If you haven't shawl'd it up and turtleneck'd out this season, there's still time, and Mendocino County is a prime place to do so.

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