Mardi Gras for Mushrooms at Morgan Hill

You're sweet on fungi? A May-merry weekend is in your forecast.

FLIP THROUGH ANY FOODIE MAG... and you're bound, at some point, to come across stacks and groupings and slivers of a certain edible. It's an edible that can appear in the gooey cheese oozing out of a fancy sandwich, or atop a pizza, or tossed with some fusilli and parsley, or between two hamburger bun slices. We speak, with mystery and admiration, of the mushroom, a tasty bit of earthy magic that is often called into enhance other eats while secretly serving as the star of the show. And why shouldn't this frequent star, a pungent, filling, deeply flavorful staple, get its own stage now and then? It doesn't always have to be lifting pasta or pizza or omelets to a new level. Mushrooms have their own song to sing, and sing, they do, and have, for decades, in Morgan Hill. It's the...

MORGAN HILL MUSHROOM MARDI GRAS, and it returns on Saturday, May 27 and Sunday, May 28. As with many fest-fun starters to the summer season, the Mushroom Mardi Gras will have an arts & crafts area as well as a stretch devoted to fine arts. Music, street buskery, and other delights for ear and eye await, as do a whole caboodle of portobella-tastic to-dos. Think cooking demos, and a mushroom-related educational exhibit, and a variety of ways to try the snackable celebrity, from deep-fried to soup-based yum. If you're not strictly a portabella person, crimini and white mushrooms of the "just-picked" variety will also make the festival scene. It's a festival, by the by, which will soon turn 40. That's because fungus has staying power, in our sandwiches, on our pizzas, and in our dish-bettering, pasta-wowing hearts. Mushroom your jam? Here's your plan for the last weekend of May 2017.

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