New Belgium's Clips Beer & Film Fest

Return to 1991 for an evening via this traveling foamy fundraiser.

REVVING UP THE NOSTALGIA... for 1991 isn't a task that's too trying for a lot of people. We were rocking the flannel back then, and baby doll dresses, and watching "Twin Peaks" and "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" and "Designing Women" and enjoying a host of pop culture treats that went onto become classics. We also, if we were over 21 and into trying new brews, were giving New Belgium Brewing a first look. That was the year the Fort Collins brewhouse got started, and it has become a crafty force in foam-makery over the last quarter century. Indeed, 2016 is a big anniversary for the company, and its yearly summertime on-the-road event, the Clips Beer & Film Tour, will pay homage to 1991 via a series of cinematic shorts. The company called upon the 2016 filmmakers to incorporate the year of New Belgium's beginning into their films in some way, so expect to revel long-ago fashion choices, awesome music of the era, and other touchstones of the early '90s. Tempted by all of this turn-it-up '90s-tude, plus the notion of sipping some prime small-batch suds? Then look to...

SACRAMENTO AND OAKLAND, the two California cities the tour is calling upon in August 2016. Sacramento is up first, on Friday, Aug. 12, while Oakland's party happens a week later, on Friday, Aug. 19. As is tradition, the film 'n foam celebration is free to join, and it will also raise funds for local nonprofits. If you do want to try a few fresh brews, nearly 20'll be on tap, and the sizes for tasting run the gamut from 3-ouncers to cans (with 12-ounce pours in the mix, too). Noshables will also be for sale, if you need energy to bask in all of the 1991-influenced goodness you're witnessing on the screen.The Clips Beer & Film Tour is one of the cinema-iest beer fundraisers on the summer calendar, an event that's become synonymous with the Colorado brewer. Join in if film and tasting new brews is your jam, and you like helping local orgs out, too.  

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