New: DoNapa Behind the Scenes

Visitors staying in Napa have a chance to eye chef demos, taste beer, paint, and more.

"AUTHENTIC EXPERIENTIAL": Just about every traveler wants to connect with where they're going, even if they're only there for a day, on some necessary, non-adventurous business. There's likely not a person'll who'll choose the non-descript, no-local-knowledge category for their stay, but finding that "authentic experiential" experience, while in a new city, can be a bit tricky, if guidebooks seem overwhelming and the internet offers a sea of choices. Some cities, however, are on top of their game here, and their desire to draw visitors into the daily, we-live-here fold is creating some lively happenings. Look to Downtown Napa, which will launch its DoNapa Behind the Scenes program in early February, an every-Wednesday event which pairs people staying the night in town with a host of go-deeper to-dos.

FEB. 3, 2016... is the launch date, and those "deeper to-dos" will run each Wednesday through April. What will the middle weekday hold for Napa overnighters? You could meet up with a chef for a demo, the better to hone your kitchen acumen (though no heat from us if you simply enjoying watching demos for the sake of seeing someone else make edible art). Tastings are on the calendar, too, of the chocolate variety, as are those involving hoity beers and cheeses (yep, beer's a thing in Napa, for sure, and, no, "hoity" is not a bad thing; on the contrary, hoity things taste delicious). "(G)arden painting classes" will take us right into spring, so get on one of those, if that's your fancy, or do them all. 

WELL... we suppose a Wednesday getaway to Downtown Napa, each and every Wednesday for three months, isn't doable, but daydreaming is free. To book your stay -- again, this is open to people staying at least a night in town -- and to see what is coming up on the "authetnic experiential" horizon, peruse all here, while envisioning your night with hoity beers and cheese. Mmm and mmm.

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