Redwood Mountain Faire: Tunes, Crafts, Nature

Homespun-a-tude rules, and hot tunes, too, at Roaring Camp.

A FUSS-FREE START: All of those articles that talk about making the start of a vacation stress-free have solid points aplenty, from how to pack to what to pack to the various lists we need to make before we even get out the door (including the list that sums up all of the many lists we need to track). But there's another side to the start of vacation season, the list-less one, as in "free of lists" and not lacking in energy. We don't want venture into summer, or at least the end of spring, all wound up and ready to burst from over-planning; we want to go to the woods, or someplace equally as beautiful, in our favorite jeans, and listen to some old-school strummy tunes and eat some tasty vittles and shop for quirky and necessary things made by artisans who live in the same region we do.

STRESS-FREE FAIRE: Some would call this the de-acceleration of the vacation concept, but let's not overthink it too hard: Let's just call it the easy balm that heals a busy spring and starts a low-key summer. Redwood Mountain Faire embodies a lot of these concepts, and it falls just over the weekend when many of us are pushing to final get that week away in, somewhere, on some road, if only we could make the lists we have to make. Put the list-making pen down and make for Roaring Camp in Felton over Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31 for...

TUNES, CRAFTS, LOCAL BREWS... and fundraising for area organizations. The Meters Experience, The California Honeydrops, Los High Tops, Birds of Chicago, and Sugar by the Pound, plus moremoremore, shall bring hot twang and other sounds that are not twangy but still pleasing to ear and eye. The aforementioned arts & craft booths shall dot the grounds, and kid to-dos, too, and all of it will be redwood-adjacent, in case your summer-starter needs a majestic dose of nature. Two things about the summer to come, should be said, here and now: 1) Nature is an instant summer-maker, fact (we all know this). And 2? Getting all revved-up and laden with lists isn't all that helpful, usually. Taking it easy with some homespun music and noshable eats in the woods is very N.L.R. (no list required).

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