Redwoods State Parks: Free Second Saturdays in 2018

Is it the second Saturday of the month? You're in luck, tree lovers.

Brian Baer/California State Parks

A FREE DAY... in a California State Park, one that's redwoods-y in theme, feel, scent, and vibe? It sounds like a marvelous vision straight from a nature lover's daydream. But sometimes daydreams find solid footing, and adventurers can enter gorgeous treeful spaces without paying an entry fee. And "sometimes" is now, as in 2018, for a partnership between the Save the Redwoods League and California State Parks, with funding by Oracle, is set to help a whole lot of people spend a happy second Saturday among the giants. Yes, we did type...

"SECOND SATURDAY"... right there, for the situation is this: "(M)ore than 16,000 free vehicle day-use passes will be available in 2018 for more than 40 redwood state parks," with over 200 passes still available, as of Jan. 9, for Saturday, Jan. 13. Yes, that's the first second Saturday of the year, as in second Saturday of the month, and all second Saturdays of all months in the year ahead will be part of the program. How to sign up for your free pass? Begin here. Are there important tips and suggestions and must-knows, like visiting in off-hours and when new passes become available for the next second Saturday? Oh, you got it, and there all on this FAQ. 

WHAT PARKS ARE PARTICIPATING? Humboldt Lagoons State Park, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Mendocino Headlands State Park, and a few dozen more. Will your favorite park be on the list? Does a redwood have burls? (Yes, it does.) If this all feels familiar to you, and yet fresh and exciting, that's understandable, for the day after Thanksgiving has been a free day in the redwoods state parks for a few years now. But the whole second-Saturday set-up is a new venture, one that's sure to bring thousands of new visitors into the free-loving, forest-loving fold. Details on everything, parks, dates, and how to use your pass, should/when you get one? Here, burl buffs, right here.

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