Rose Time Returns to Healdsburg Gem

Every weekend in April and May at the Russian River Rose Company will flower with events.

IF WE PICTURE THE WHOLE YEAR... as a series of pairs, when it comes to how the months roll out, we'd probably naturally place January alongside February, and March with April, and so on down the line, right to the final match-up of November and December. And while some of the "in order" pairings make thematic sense, one might argue that March and April have less in common than, say, April and May. After all, March is more winter than spring, officially, and it can act that way, too, more frequently than not, what with its chilly nights and blustery storms. But April and May can be quite alike, all told, in their soft-breeze-a-tude, their longer-lighter-days-ness, and their propensity for delivering on the blooming flower front. Thus it feels right, and smells lovely, and all makes sense that April and May are two very big and busy months at the...

RUSSIAN RIVER ROSE COMPANY... in Healdsburg. Each and every year, things really get going at the petal-laden destination come April, and those very same things don't let up for several weeks. And by "things" we do mean a host of events all designed to please those who dearly love blossoms, both of the rosy assortment and other types. Those events started over the first full weekend of April, woohoo. Programs to come, later in April and throughout May, include weekends devoted to irises, climbing roses, and the very (very very) popular Mother's Day Weekend.

FOR ALL OF THE WEEKEND HAPPENINGS... at the Russian River Rose Company, which also creates rosy fragrances in addition to growing hundreds of bright 'n big flowers boasting memorable names and a color wheel worth of hues, turn your happy sniffer in the direction of Healdsburg now.

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