Sandpiper Wallpaper: Monterey Sweet

The March, computer-nice gift from the Monterey Bay Aquarium depicts a serene beach scene plush with pretty pipers.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

A BEACH VISIT, depending upon the stretch of sand where you land, can have a few salty, briny, kelpy staples, from a toppling (but still charming) castle that looks to be a few days old to the prodigious amount of foam churned up as the waves reach as far up onto the shore as they possibly can. And, if you've spent enough time at the water's edge, you've likely encountered a sandpiper. Scratch that, many sandpipers, moving in seemingly magical, rush-to-the-water, now-away, now-back-again unison. But if even if you consider yourself a big birder, or a fan of all feathery things, you might have viewed our ocean-close, elegant-of-beak bud, the sandpiper, in a fresh light after viewing "Piper." That's the 2016 Pixar short that bowed before "Finding Dory" in wide theatrical release, and the same short that went on to win the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film in February 2017. It's oodly cute, a total tugger of the heart, and it surely made even the most devoted piper buff see the seaside denizens with fresh eyes. 

KEEP THAT FRESH PIPER PERSPECTIVE HANDY... as you visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium's web site. The famous aquatic institution, which has worked with Pixar on its oceanic projects, just happens to have its free monthly wallpaper up, for March, and it just happens to be a flock of pretty Western sandpipers on the serenest, most mirror-like of beaches ("mirror-like" thanks to damp sand). As with all MBA wallpapers, this is free to download. But before you do, best read up, on the main wallpaper page, all about sandpipers, from where they breed to where they head when the weather grows cooler. Still cooing over the wee animated bird in the Pixar film? Don't put an end to your piper-centered obsession just yet; get your free wallpaper and be visited by sandpipers at your office desk throughout the day.

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