Savor Sonoma Valley: Tickets on Sale

It's a springtime fling at a host of primo vineyards.

Savor Sonoma Valley

THAT WINTER-INTO-SPRING MOMENT: Seasonal changes have typically been met with a host of around-the-house to-dos. When summer arrives the window screens are checked and the backyard is readied; winter's arrival typically sees the boxes of cold-weather gear come out, and the holiday decorations, too. But how do we greet spring? Well, by stowing some of that aforementioned cold-weather gear, yes, and maybe doing a de-clutter session, too (also known as "spring cleaning," of course). But must the seasonal change be fully domestic? What if we could get out of the house, and into nature, the better to greet the transformation not by cleaning out some drawers but by opening our mind and heart to sunlight and leaves and wines and good times? It could be a new way to leap into the next chapter of the year for many people, but many people are already onto this notion. Look to the fans of Savor Sonoma Valley, which falls on the final weekend of winter 2016, the big adieu to chillier times. The timing is excellent, as is the robust line-up of wineries (some nineteen in all). Ready to postpone the big spring clean by a week, or even do it a week early? Then save Saturday, March 19 and Sunday, March 20 for...

SAVOR SONOMA 2016: Tickets are now on sale for the weekend, which includes happenings at Eric Ross Winery, St. Anne's Crossing Winery, Ty Caton Vineyards, and more spots around the valley. There are transportation companies and drivers you can book with, if you don't have a designated-driving pal, so check out the complete list. As for getting to shake a few of the winemakers' hands? That's happening, as are tastes of some of the fresh-from-the-barrel releases. Want to do the whole weekend? It's $65, but there are some other options, including a Sunday-only pass and lower-priced tickets for the designated driver of the group.

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