Shop for Art at Sausalito's Winter Open Studios

Connect with artists and discover that special piece during this venerable market.

TEXTING IN DECEMBER... should involve happy plans, the kind of plans that involve seeing a holiday movie, or suggestions for places to dine, given that so many wintertime menus are popping up, or other such pleasant exchanges. Instead? We're often found fretting over the ideal gifts for our loved ones, the people we treasure the most. So we turn to texting with other family members and friends, all to find out what a particular person might want. One soul-satisfying, spirit-lifting solution? It's art. For there is something sacred, or at least moving, in the act of choosing a particular piece for a dear one, and the real potential that the painting you picked will be something they see every day, meaning you'll always be near to their heart. And does art get passed down? It has a way of rising to heirloom status.

WINTER OPEN STUDIOS... is one of the most prestigious of the falltime art markets, an event that can trace its beginning back over a half century. The place for this three-day extravaganza of ideas, beauty, and visual wonder? It's the also venerable ICB Building in Sausalito, a place where "... 100+ creators of fine art who work in a wide range of media" will display. If you know the ICB, you know it has earned its reputation as a truly vibrant centerpoint of art-making, a spot where photography and sculpture and painting and many other forms flourish. Will you be shopping for that perfect gift? Or perhaps you're on the lookout for a painting you'll keep? The 2019 dates are Dec. 6-8. And, of course, a bonus: You get to call upon the town's lovely Marinship District. For more on this large-scale art-tacular, and all of the goodies within, click.

OH, AND THE COST TO ATTEND? Here's something that is positively delightful in December: It's free. But do register now.

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