Suisun Valley Harvest Celebration

September is on the horizon, and the bountiful bashes are beginning.

WHEN YOU GET EXCITED... for a certain time of year to come along, others around you might be inclined to advise you, ever so politely, to "cool your jets" (or some version of that old chestnut). The part of the year you love will get here soon enough, friends advise, so just "hold your horses" (another longtime chestnut). But practically no one would ever say that about the period that encompasses all things harvest. After a spell of heat, a person can start to vigorously anticipate autumn and its many pleasures: wine-making, wine tours, the tasting of wines, and all other activities that are vino-related. If you look in the right direction, though, you don't need to wait for deep fall to have your harvest-y fun. Glance in the direction of Suisun Valley, for example, on Sunday, Aug. 28, and you'll see that the harvest-type party is already beginning, even ahead of September. It's the...

SUISUN VALLEY HARVEST CELEBRATION, and it happens, festively and foodily, around the wineries of the valley loop (yes, "foodily," a word that belongs to harvest time, for sure). There shall be music, and the stomping of grapes, and picnicking opportunities, and more. "(W)ineries and growers are set to showcase their locally produced wines and produce," and edible-creating artisans will be out, too (so prepare for jams, olive oils, and other tasty tidbits). It's the full array of gourmet-type eating and sipping on nice display, so even if vino isn't your vibe you can likely find some goodie that floats your particular boat. Galvan Cellars, Mangels Vineyards, Cal-Yee Farms, and several other area stalwarts will play a part in the celebratory day. Can you smell the jams and oils from here? Point your nose, taste buds, and sense of direction this-a-way.

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