Suisun Valley: Passport Sunday

Get your spring on at a number of regional wineries including

Suisun Valley

PROPER GREETING FOR SPRING: If you're seeking a pomp-filled way to welcome the floweriest, breeziest season of the year, you are free to raise a glass of something sparkling when spring finally and officially dawns. Of course, you'll need to roll out of bed, if that's indeed where you are, at 3:29 in the morning on March 20, 2017. Let's add that that is a Monday, so maybe rising/shining a few hours before sunrise, all to grandly open the door to springtime, isn't in the cards for you. But there are other paths to connecting with this renewal-laden time of year, and they don't happen in the middle of the night. Choose any Saturday or Sunday, make for a wine country, and cross you fingers that some sort of special happening is on, one that will give you glad-hearted glance into area vineyards. One such Sunday is happening in Suisun Valley on April 23, and there's a passport, too, meaning it'll be a real day out. It's...

PASSPORT SUNDAY, in fact, and several regional wineries and businesses are participating. Tenbrink Winery and Vineyards, Mangels Vineyards, and Galvan Family Cellars are jumping into the joy-be-had day, a day that will include musical presentations and delicious tidbits to fill out the sustenance side of things. And as for a perfect springlike day? Well, that can't yet be foretold, as of this typing, but Sundays in the second half of April have a knack for delivering the delight. So if that's the day and place you'll raise your toast to springtime, so be it. Surely the spring is an understanding season, and knows that some extra shuteye on a Monday morning in March is quite important.

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