Summer on the Way: Road to Bodie Opens

Hooray: Adventurs and ghost town mavens can now take SR 270 to the beloved destination.

THINKING OF WRITING A SONG? One with some twang, one with a handful of dust and rain, a tune filled with history and longing and adventure and emotion? Plus a few awesome banjo solos in the middle, if you're going all out? You couldn't do better than giving your new ditty the title "Road to Bodie," for that'll instantly conjure up romance and a two-laner into an epic and storied location. That the location in question really exists ups the intrigue, and that one must journey along a road to get there isn't up for debate (nope, you don't have to take a hot-air balloon into Bodie, as thrilling as that mental picture might be). But SR 270, the real road to Bodie, has a rather predictable way of shuttering when the snowier season arrives, and finding your way to what's considered to be a magnificently preserved 18th-century mining town becomes a dream you must put off. But put it off no longer, for on...

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, the road to Bodie opened. There are still thoroughfares that remain closed around California, with the Tioga Pass springing to mind, but spring has sprung at the Mono County destination, and visitors are welcome. Any day is a fine day in the town, which sports dozens of historic buildings in visually stunning states of "arrested decay," but keep in mind that a few special events are coming up over the summer of 2018 around Bodie, like days created for photographers to come snap pictures at either sunrise or sunset. The Ghost Walks for 2018 are sold out, but if you want to get up on the information for 2018, best follow the Bodie Foundation. For now, a warm day out at the ghost town, with those puffy clouds overhead and the occasional crow caw in the distance, is a perfect road trip daydream. That SR 270 is wide open and ready for wheels is one real-world passage to making that daydream a reality.

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